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Modular Conveyor Systems FAQ

Conveyor System FAQ

Yes, it is possible to use a modular belt to elevate corners or change the direction of a conveyor system. Modular belts are designed to be flexible and can be used to create curves and inclines as needed.

Modular belt conveyors can run at speeds of 1 metre per minute up to 100 metres per minute and depend on various factors, including the type and design of the belt and the load carried.

Yes, a new belt is easy to replace and only takes a few minutes.

Yes, a modular belt conveyor system is ideal for transporting raw food. The belt material selection is essential to ensure the correct handling of your food product.

Research and choose a company that you can trust and that has a good reputation in the industry. Modular Conveyor Systems is committed to providing high-quality products to customers at a competitive price and offers reliable service to keep your conveyor system running efficiently.

When deciding on a conveyor system, the most crucial consideration is the type of material you wish to transport. Modular Conveying Systems Ltd. can analyse the material and help choose the best conveyor system for optimal efficiency and long-term use.


When equipment goes down, it harms your business and getting equipment back up and running as quickly as possible is essential. Conveyor systems have many mechanical parts that require regular maintenance to run correctly and minimise breakdowns.

Intralogistics refers to managing, optimising, and coordinating internal logistics processes within a facility such as a fulfilment or distribution centre.

The method includes the flow of information and material goods and can involve the integration and automation of various logistics systems and technologies. It encompasses all aspects of logistics within a company building or a facility, including the management and monitoring of materials handling and information flows.

We aim to optimise productivity and efficiency in the internal logistics processes.

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