Line Shaft Conveyors

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Line Shaft Conveyors

Lineshaft driven roller conveyor is ideally suited to handle boxes and tote products.

Lineshaft Conveyor Straight

Line shaft-powered roller conveyors are a type of conveyor which uses rollers driven by a urethane belt from a drive shaft under the roller bed. This drive shaft is turned by a motor and transmits its rotation to the individual rollers, providing a basic accumulation function.

Line shaft Conveyor Straight
Lineshaft drive station

Line Shaft Drive Station

Lineshaft drive stations are efficient and cost-effective, powered by motors capable of driving multiple modules. The drive is transferred to the rollers using a direct drive line shaft.

Line Shaft General Specifications

Lane Width

400, 500, 600 700, 800, & 900 mm (special lane widths on request)




Mild steel ‘C’ section 180mm x 50mm x 2.5mm



Module Width

LW + 100 mm



Roller Pitch

55/75/100/125 & 72 mm for roller curves (other roller pitches on request)



Side Guides

60 – 300 mm high



Max Load

20 kg/per zone



Max Speed




Motor Type

SEW 0.37kW / 0.75Kw



Slave Rollers

Mild steel 50mm x 1.5mm dia. BZP tube




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